Ca $ hBoi Rah

by | Sep 7, 2022

Ti a tẹjade nipasẹ Ẹgbẹ Adajọ julọ ni Oṣu Kẹsan ọjọ 7, 2022

#Ca$hBoi Rah #TheSupremeTeam
Artist Name: Ca$hBoi Rah

Tani e?

I’m just me I go with what feels best on the beat and my beat selection comes from my mood but I’m heavily influenced by the underground scene

Nibo ni o ti wa?

Im from Harrisburg pa, it’s mostly drill but we have some melodic rappers

Bawo ni a ṣe le tẹle rẹ?

You can find me on SoundCloud and Instagram @cashboirah

Song Title: GANG SH!T

Listen to Ca$hBoi Rah: